Friday, February 12, 2010

Cultured Vegetables


These are my cultured vegetables.
I weighed out my vegetables in pounds and then convert it to grams.
This is the equation to figure the salt...
grams x .025= grams of salt
If you live in a hot climate or it is summer you may want to increase the multiply by .03

The wooden tub is a taru from Japan, it is made from very fine grain, old growth cedar. 
New they are 800.00 because of the lack of old growth cedar.
They impart a nice cedar flavor.
You don't have to have one to make cultured vegetables.
Before I had my taru I made them in gallon glass jar.

This time I made 9 lbs of cultured vegetables.  
I always use a  nappa or green cabbage.
I also like to use a diakon radish.  
This time I didn't have any radish so I used a large 4 lb. white beet.  
I also put carrots, green onions and garlic in it.
The longer it ages the more sour it gets.
I put some plastic between the lid in order to keep the acid of the vegetable from corroding the lid.

Cultured foods have probiotics in them that keep your intestinal flora active.

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  1. Is this a new blog? I couldn't find your other one. I love what you are doing here.It is inspiring.